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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals


Our trained staff have an eye for clean!  They will treat your home with the utmost care and keep it looking new.  We clean tarnished faucets, get those cobwebs out of the corners, keep your kitchen sparkling..........the list is endless.  We clean high and low, in areas you had no idea how dirty and dusty.  


Our Mission

To provide exceptional cleaning.  We leave your home in the cleanly state you desire, guaranteed!  To provide "over the top" care for your loved ones. 


Jennifer Nemeth

Owner / Cleaner / Care provider

I've been caring for the elderly for 12 years, and cleaning is never ending......really when you have a family.  

I enjoy camping, sewing, gardening and playing hockey.  



Cleaner / Care provider

I've been cleaning professionally for 5 years.  

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